New Chingola DC Agnes Tonga seems candid

Dear Editor,

Firstly I write to congratulate the newly appointed Chingola District Commissioner Agnes Tonga on her appointment.

It is a plus that another woman has taken up the mantle from the predecessor and this should be enough cause to make women happy as they lobby government to appoint more women in positions of authority.

The appointment and taking up her position came at the right time when we were celebrating international Women’s Day and Youth Day.

Listening to her counsel to youths on Youths day, I was amazed at the way she called on youths to take up their positions of developing this nation against being used as tools for violence.

This is indeed a candid language of an exceptional leader, I salute you on this.

To me, she indirectly accepts that our youths have been used for political mileage by those in political powers at the expense of mentoring them to be great leaders of today to take over from them.

Not and if only she stands her ground to advance developmental agendas of everyone in Chingola as the top most Civil Servant, we are yet to see the best from a lady in a long time.

The office of the DC can sometimes be abused by political parties making it either malfunction or become partisan in its execution of work, which Ms Tonga should resist as we are getting closer to another general election.

I welcome your appointment and wish to see the best from you, having been favoured and singled from among so many women and men in the district to take up this very involving and sensitive position.

Wisdom Muyunda




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