Nevers Mumba flags off MMD Convention

 Nevers Mumba flags off MMD Convention

By Staff Writer
New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba yesterday gave the roadmap for the long awaited MMD Convention.

Dr Mumba who was in the company of Party Vice President Reuben Sambo, Party National Chairperson Winnie Zaloumis, Party National Secretary Elizabeth Chitika and other Senior MMD leaders, yesterday met hundreds of Lusaka District and Constituency MMD Officials at Matero Community Hall.

Ms Chitika said that the MMD has hit the road running.

“We have heard some people say that the MMD is dead. Can a dead party have all these members in their structures in a single district. As the party’s CEO, I am extremely happy that even after the three (3) years of confusion in the party, our structures are very intact. I would like to say that we the New Hope MMD have hit the road running for 2021,” she said.

Ms Zaloumis challenged President  Lungu to revoke the Nomination of Raphael Nakachinda as Member of Parliament for he was expelled from MMD.
“The MMD leadership wrangles ended on November 5, 2019. The Judge among other things ruled that the 2016 MMD convention was illegal and that Felix Mutati and Raphael Nakachinda remained expelled members of the MMD.
“When Nakachinda was nominated to Parliament, Amos Chanda said that he was appointed to Parliament as an MMD Nominated Member of Parliament. Since Nakachinda is not an MMD, we are hereby calling upon President Lungu to revoke Nakachinda’s Nomination. As a Party, we have a number of people who more qualified than Nakachinda,” she said.
Speaking at the same event Mr Sambo said that the MMD had been used for personal gains by selfish people.
“We have realized with sadness how our party has been used for personal gains. Some people have used it to gain freedom, some to become Ministers and others to become MP’s. I would like to say that never again will selfish people hijack our party for personal gains,” he said.

And Dr Mumba said that he is a product of a Convention.

“I have heard one individual alleging that Nevers is afraid of the Convention. That is the biggest joke of the decade. In 2012, when I returned from Canada I found the biggest names in the MMD running for the MMD Presidency These included Enock Kavindale, Mr Mutati and Situmbeko Musokotwane just to mention a few. I beat them fair and square. I am a product of a Convention, how can I be scared of it?

“I would like to inform you our leaders in Lusaka district that the National Secretary will soon call for provincial Conferences in all the 10 provinces of Zambia. After that, we will then have a policy Conference where we will rectify our party Constitution and all other policies of our party for ratification at the Convention. This will then lead to the National Convention where any member of our party can run for any office including the Office of President. We will then hire one of the big stadiums where we will launch the New Hope MMD in readiness for the 2021 elections where we will participate in all the elections from Ward, Constituency and Presidential levels,” he said.

This is according to a media statement made available by MMD National Deputy Spokesperson Peter Phiri.

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