Nevers Mumba confirms his arrest in DRC

 Nevers Mumba confirms his arrest in DRC

By Staff Writer

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) President, Nevers Mumba, has confirmed his arrest in Congo DRC but refused to call it an arrest and preferred to call it a restriction by the Congolese security wings.

The MMD has shared a video in which Dr. Mumba was speaking from a Hotel room in Lubumbashi where the Congolese security wings have confined him from leaving Congo until they conclude the investigation.

“I have not been arrested but I have been restricted from leaving DR Congo until they security wings in Congo conclude preliminary investigation,” he said.

Dr, Mumba said the investigation against him are about trying to establish what exactly he is doing in Congo at a time when there is heightened political activities in Congo DRC.

He said there is nothing that him or his team in Congo has done that contradicts any law in Congo or Zambia.

Meanwhile Dr Mumba has asked Zambians to continue praying for him until the forcible restraint from leaving Congo comes to an end.

Congolese lawmakers, last week were involved in battles using the chair in a situation that is turning volatile by the day.

Dr Mumba is reportedly been in DR Congo to cut deals with former President Joseph Kabila as a way to raise money for his campaigns ahead of 2021 elections. It is unknown what DrMumba is offering in return for financial support to Joseph Kabila and his party which has fallen from grace from the ruling party.

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