Ndola: Plastic recycling plant coming

 Ndola: Plastic recycling plant coming

The Ndola City Council is looking to set up a recycling plant for plastic material that will further supplement government’s efforts to manage a sound environment.

In an effort to keep Zambia clean, green and healthy the local Authority is looking to have investors set up a recycling plant in the city that will look into the reuse of plastic material which seems to be a major litter in the city.

Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenga led a delegation of Councillors and the public health department to Hong Sen Limited in Lusaka that has a recycling plant.

The plant collects various plastic trash and transforms them into various plastic household goods such as basins, hang wires, plastic cups and many more.

The local authority toured the site to appreciate the initiative is fixated to ensure a similar plant can be duplicated in Ndola.

Mr Chisenga said the Council will engage the parent ministry (Ministry of Local Government) for possible partnerships with the private sector to set up a recycling plant in Ndola.

“I invite the private institutions to engage our Council to look at possible investment in this identified field noting that the plant will not only take care of plastic litter around the city but will also create employment for many youths.

“The plant would encourage the separation of waste at source,” he said.

In response Hong Sen Limited has shown interest in setting up a recycling plant in Ndola.

The firm promised to take advantage of the coming Copperbelt Expo to carry out an investment survey.

The company further proposed the establishment of equipment that will manufacture paper shopping bags in light of the ban of plastic bags by the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection.

This is according to a media statement by Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza.

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