Ndola Lawyer welcomes President’s petition

 Ndola Lawyer welcomes President’s petition

Ndola based lawyer Frank Tayali has welcomed the petition filed in the constitutional court by the Legal Resources Foundation Limited concerning the eligibility of the ruling PF’s President Edgar Lungu to contest the August 12 general elections.

The Foundation wants the ConCourt to quash President Lungu’s nominations as he has already been sworn in the presidential office twice.

Mr Tayali said legally President Lungu is not eligible to contest for the presidential office for the first time as per the constitution of Zambia.

“I hope that the petition of eligibility of President Edgar Lungu will be looked at a legal point of view and not with  political point of view, we might be going through a situation were certain people are consciously and deliberately trying to contravene the constitution of the land, when they know that it is illegal,” he said.

Mr Tayali said he cannot go into details to talk about the matter, as it is before the Supreme Court.

“Are the courts able to interpret the constitution and interest according to the way it is, the constitution should be read as is, because the meaning of the constitution is as it has been written, without any favor,” he said

Recently the ConCourt dismissed the eligibility case of President Lungu concerning him vying for a third term.


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