Ndola Council shelters marketeers

 Ndola Council shelters marketeers

Ndola City Council (NCC) has embarked on the construction of markets in the city to house 400 marketeers.

The Local Authority is currently constructing a market in Chifubu and two markets in Mushili.

The construction of the Chifubu market which is being done by the Zambia Army will accommodate 400 marketeers after completion.

NCC Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza said the Council is on schedule for the construction of Mushili market shade and stores.

Ms Mwanza said the casting of the concrete footing at Chifubu market has been completed awaiting the next stage which will be done immediately the casted concrete cures.

She said that the casting of the slab has also been done at Mushili market as well as the purlins on one side of the shelter.

“The alignment of the remaining purlins on the other side of the shelter has commenced and is in accordance with the instruction issued to the contractor.

Mushili market will accommodate at least 400 marketeers, while the many salaula (second hand) clothing sellers will be required to take up the market stores,” she said.

She said both projects are scheduled for completion before the start of next year 2019.


Alice Nachilembe


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