NDC youths disappointed with Akafumba

 NDC youths disappointed with Akafumba

National Democrats Congress Youths are dismayed with the conduct of Mr Joseph Akafumba and his rebel gang.

NDC National Youth Chairperson Charles Kabwita says the youths have watched, with dismay and concludes that the gang need psychological help.

Mr Kabwita said the youths have avoided talks as they were sure that they would come back to their senses before they took matters very far.

He said the people involved are parents and are accorded with respect.

Mr Kabwita said it is worrying to see the gang rush in and out of court and create a case out of anything that comes out of their minds.

“They first claimed to have expelled president Chishimba Kambwili then later said that they did not. They then went to court, withdrew the matter and then are now back in court. Registering a political party in this country is not very difficult. They are free to register their own party if they think that they are very popular,” he said.

He said they claim that president Kambwili is not the president, while at the same time enjoying the positions that he gave them.

Mr Kabwita said the invisible hand from a known political party that is helping them bring confusion in NDC will not succeed.

He has urged the youths and general membership countrywide to ignore the rebel gang that the country has infamously began to call as Team Fluffy.

Mr Kabwita has also urged his close friend and array Franklin M’embe to stop mascarading as NDC Spokesperson.

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