NDC urges members to use safe ways of campaigning

 NDC urges members to use safe ways of campaigning

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has advised its members to use safe tactical ways of campaigning when endorsing candidates running for various positions.

NDC Interim president Saboi Imboela said that since campaigns have been restricted, her party has embarked on other ways of campaigning, such as door to door campaigns.

“Using all media platforms as campaign strategies will also reduce the risk of any member of the party or citizens from contracting the virus, therefore I strongly urge all NDC members to follow guidelines provided by the ministry of health during the campaign period,” she said.

Ms Imboela said she will work hard to ensure that political violence is brought to an end in order to create co-existence among political party members.

“The political violence takes away numbers from women; you will find that women will not participate in politics because they are issues of cyber bulling surrounding them, so see a scenario where more women participate in politics I would like for political violence to be lessened,” she said.

Ms Imboela said aside political violence, participating in politics has been highly commercialized, making it hard for women to contest.

“As they say, poverty has the face of a woman, meaning that much of the poverty is in women, so men with the economic power to control the environment by putting up expensive contesting prices which at the end disadvantaged most women,” she said.