NDC says lack of minister appointments is disappointing

 NDC says lack of minister appointments is disappointing

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party Spokesperson Muliyunda Lilembalemba has expressed disappointment at the continued silence by President Hakainde Hichilema on the appointment of Cabinet Ministers.

Mr Lilembalemba, in a statement, said that the positive economic confidence which President Hichilema gave during his acceptance speech is slowly losing ground following his delay to announce his cabinet.

“It is unfortunate that President Hichilema seems to be taking the governance of the nation with kids’ gloves as evidenced by his reluctance to give the people of Zambia a Cabinet to serve them, he must make it clear if his cabinet shall comprise of only one Minister so that investors both local and international can set out there plans,” he said.

Mr Lilembalemba said President Hichilema cannot hold the Country at ransom just because he holds the instruments of power.

He said that the head of state must not be too forgetful that it is such attitudes that frustrate Zambians and he must be weary that of the short time to roll out the implementation of his party’s campaign promises.

“HH must demonstrate the better leadership he claimed was going to be offered once voted into office and this attitude of keeping the nation in the dark over the Cabinet Ministers is not the right thing to do. The right thing to do is give the people of Zambia there Ministers so that they begin to fully function. As you have noticed, most Permanent Secretaries are mute because they do not know their fate and then the Republican  President who takes pride in such a situation in the Country, this is not right,” he said.

Mr Lilembalemba warned that if this attitude continues the Kwacha will depreciate to levels more badly than the Patriotic Front left it.

“The Kwacha has been depreciating in the recent days because of the President, the day President Hichilema shall announce his Cabinet the Kwacha shall gain because that this will inspire confidence into the economy and that is dependent on the caliber of Ministers he will appoint,” he said.

Mr Lilembalemba said the positive economic trajectory that was inspired by the election of President Hichilema is slowly losing ground and one of the contributing factors is the delay by the President to announce his cabinet.

“Investors know that the current Permanent Secretaries shall be relieved of their duties and would rather spend their investments until the government of President Hichilema is fully setup but the man seems to be content with the current situation,” he said.

Mr Lilembalemba said the NDC will not play with the emotions of Zambians once elected into office as it understands the critical role Cabinet Ministers play in the implementation of government programs.