NDC founder members support the presidency of Saboi – kabwita

 NDC founder members support the presidency of Saboi – kabwita

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary General Charles Kabwita has reafirmed thatthe party’s founder members support President Saboi Imboela.

Mr Kabwita said the majority of the office bearers who registered the party are in support of Ms Imboela as the NDC President.

“I am aware of Akafumba’s manuevers and they shall not succeed because the man was expelled from the NDC. I can confirm that six of the office bearers at registration of the NDC are behind President Imboela and that authenticates her leadership, therefore this means that President Imboela is the true leader of the opposition NDC,” he said.

Mr Kabwita charged that those joining Akafumba were merely joining UPND as the NDC is led by President Imboela.

He was speaking shortly after a meeting of six office bearers on the Copperbelt.

Mr Kabwita named the office bearers as Christopher Mutale the National Chairman, Charles Kabwita the Secretary General, Barbra Mulausha, Frank Chiona, Brain Mulenga and Victor Mwangaila as a Committee member.

“Look here we had a meeting, the six of us who are office bearers with the Registrar of Societies and we reafirmed our support and loyalty to President Imboela and nothing can makes us change our decision,” he said.