NDC commends govt for voting against Russia

 NDC commends govt for voting against Russia

National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) has commended Government for voting yes on the draft resolution at the United Nations (UN).

Zambia was among the 141 countries to have voted against Russia in the UN’s first emergency General Assembly since 1997 to hold Russia accountable for the invasion of Ukraine.

And NDC leader Saboi Imboela said demanding that Russia stops its offensive against Ukrainians and to immediately withdraw its troops from Ukraine is the right way to go.

“Impressively, 141 voting in favor of the resolution, 35 abstaining and five voting against it, is a show that the world is not in favor of Russia’s actions, the actions by Russia to invade Ukraine is a blatant violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and has caused instability all over the world, with the situation likely to escalate further into world suffering and further conflicts,” she said.

Ms Imboela said that actions by Russia to invade Ukraine will distort the world economy and slow down global growth rate from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

She also urged the UPND Government to continue engaging with the Russian diplomatic staff assigned to Zambia for continued Dialogue, de-escalation and possible withdrawal of the Russian troops from Ukraine in the best interest of Humanity.

“We are aware of the historical and current dynamics that led to this assault on Ukraine, but are of the strong view that the countries of the world should play their part to make the war come to an end as soon as possible and begin to have talks with Russia to have permanent solutions to the problem, that does not involve nations going to war with each other,” she said.