NDC commend govt for scrapping Religious affairs ministry

 NDC commend govt for scrapping Religious affairs ministry

Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for dissolving the ministry of National Guidance and Religious affairs.

NDC Deputy Party spokesperson Zuwa Sinkamba says they feel that the ministry was a waste of tax payers’ kwachas’ and further constrained the budget and fiscal position as a nation.

Mr Sinkamba said that if politicians and government officials need spiritual guidance and prayers, they should instead go to their individual churches and seek spiritual help to better their lives and consequently the nation

“We also appeal to His Excellency,  to move the day of national prayer and fasting to a weekend, so that individuals who go to Church on a Sunday will dedicate that Sunday to pray and fast for the Nation and likewise those who go to Church on a Saturday will do it so on the Sabbath.

“Further, official gatherings and ceremonies organised by ministry heads and departments on National Day of Prayer and Fasting should also be stopped as they draw a lot of tax payers resources in allowances, transport, accommodation costs and various costs for government officials, politicians and the clergy,” he said.

Mr Sinkamba suggested that individual Churches should organise their own event on their day of worship to pray and fast for the nation and not declaring it as a Holiday.

He also appealed to the new government to do an audit of the holiday days that were declared by previous administration to access their relevance.

Mr Sinkamba said that they were numerous working days declared as holidays under the PF- Administration which made the country lose millions of kwacha because of unproductive days.