Nchnaga MP gives phones to PF security team

 Nchnaga MP gives phones to PF security team

Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali has given phones to all Nchanga PF security personnel to improve communication among members.

The security personnel are youths from Nchanga constituency who have formed security groups in all the 10 wards of the constituency in order to work hand in hand with the police in the constituency.

Mr Chilombo equipped all the 100 youths, 10 from each ward of the 10 ward with cell phones to enhance communication among themselves.

The Nchanga Law Marker also gave out T-Shirts and cups for each member of the security wing to brand them.

Speaking during the presentation, Mr Chilombo implored the security personnel not to sell their country.

He said the spraying of gasses in Chingola was a serious matter and he did not hide his displeasure that some members among the security personnel could have been involved.

“We are not safe in terms of security. What was happening three weeks ago was bad and some people behind the gassing could have been coming from among ourselves. You as security you need to be disciplined and help in providing critical information to safeguard the country from anarchy.

“Humble yourselves so that you hear more of what is happening rather than being bossy because you are in the ruling  party. We need to begin living like in Isreal where we ought to know everything about our neighbour on who visits them and what they do,” he said.

He said security is key to any nation and the championing of tribal remarks is against peace of the country.

Mr Chilombo said Zambia has more than 73 tribes which now are interlinked by inter-marriages producing children like Mutinta Chilombo, Chewe Sakala and Haamambo Mutale among others.

“We only have one Zambia, we can’t go anywhere. Help us to stay in peace. In Zambia inter-marriage is what is keeping us together,” he said.

He later gave them money for airtime and to buy simscards.

And in a vote of thanks PF Security Commander Bernard Njalamimba thanked Mr Chilombo for the phones and T-Shirts.

Mr Njalamimba said it was difficult to mobilise the security team but with the phones their MP had simplified communication.

He implored the team to use the phones progressively and for development.

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