Nchanga’s UPND cadres protest over adoptions

 Nchanga’s UPND cadres protest over adoptions

By Staff Writer
Unhappy UPND cadres in Nchanga Constituency have protested against the parliamentary candidature of Derricky Chilundika, instead they want Yolonimo Banda.

But, Mr Chilundika said President Hakainde Hichilema had directed him to unify the party following adoption process.

The cadres from 11 wards gathered at UPND Secretariat Office in Chingola this morning to express their grievous to President Hakainde Hichilema and top leadership.

UPND Youth Secretary for Luano ward, Lawerence Mokola read a petition written to HH that they preferred candidate of Mr Banda.

Mr Mokola appealed to the District, Provincial and National leaders to give the people what they want.

He said that Nchanga Constituency will not vote for Mr Chiludika but will go for PF Parliamentary candidate and the party will lose votes.

Mr Makola accused Mr Chiludika of failing to deliver in 2016 victory and after that he went into hiding and only hearing of him on the radio, but he is not on the ground.

“He is unpopular on the ground. He used parallel structures to get the adoption; he reported others to the police who are still appearing in court. He does not help the party members and the party as a whole. He does not respect party structures. He is just good at going to the radio while not popular among members. In 2016 not even a single councilor won in Nchanga constituency,” he said.

And Nsansa ward Chairperson Kelly Tembo said that the people want Mr Banda because he is the person who has been on the ground helping and mobilizing the party.

Mr Tembo also said that in Bupalo ward the person on the ground has been left out on the adoptions.

He said that what the party is doing will cost us votes and will lose out a lot.

And Bupalo aspiring councillor Matthews Lubelenga said the behavior also contributes to the Party top leaders losing elections every time.

But Mr Chilundika said UPND will not go into the next election as a divided force like last time.

He said when he was getting his adoption certificate; Mr Hichilema had given him clear instruction to unite the party following the intra-party democratic abrasion.

“I will find a common ground with Mr Banda and we need to urge our supporters to join forces to win it for the party. This is not the time to fight but unite and win the seat amass Copperbelt votes for our President,” he said.


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