Nchanga Rangers fans displeased with Mwanza’s dismissal

 Nchanga Rangers fans displeased with Mwanza’s dismissal

Brave Nchanga Rangers supporters say they are disappointed with the firing of Israel Mwanza as head coach of the club.

Nchanga Rangers Club Executive announced yesterday that they have parted ways with Coach Mwanza.

Speaking in an interview with the Independent Observer, The supporters said that Mwanza is a good coach and if given a chance to find his own assistant, he would have done better.

Supporters have described Mwanza has a coach who had good relationship with players and his selection of players was based on performance not on favoritism.

Lupupa Musonda said that the ExCo have made a wrong decision by firing Mwanza and that the appointment of his assistant Enos Silwimba to take charge of the team will not change the narrative but draw the team back.

“As supporters we not happy with this move, the ExCo would have fired the assistant not the head coach because he is a good coach, his assistant was not helping Mwanza at all but made his job difficult so that he can be fired,” he said.

Warren Mulenga also said that the dismissal of Mwanza is not welcome especially on the fans part who know the caliber of the coach.

For some time Rangers have been in between division one and National League without smelling super Division air.

Nchanga Rangers club ExCo yesterday fired Head Coach Isreal Mwanza, second assistant Benson Chiwaya and Physical trainer Charles Mwale