Nchanga Rangers executive breaks into committees

 Nchanga Rangers executive breaks into committees

By Staff Writer
Nchanga Rangers Executive at its sitting yesterday January 30, unveiled committees to smoothen the operation of the club.

In delegating responsibilities, Club Chairperson Yoram Kapai said the executive is juiced with men of high calibre.

Nchanga Rangers Youth team vice Chairperson John Kane was charged with responsibility to oversee players’ welfare.

Kapai said he trusts in Kane to meet the expectations of the club in ensuring that kit for players, camp house, buses and safety and health of the players and other logistics are taken care of.

He told Kane to co-opt people he thinks he can work with to ensure players are well taken care of.

Under resource mobilisation, Kapai brings seasoned Chingola businessmen to spearhead the committee.

PF Copperbelt Youth Chairperson Don Mungulube was co-opted into the committee to join Nelius Mumba, Teddy Mwiche and Club Treasurer Mwelwa Chilundika.

The committee will be mobilising winning bonuses, monitoring club business profitability, work with local communities in undertaking income ventures.

Club vice Chairperson Victor Mpundu, Joseph Munongo and John Kane forms the technical committee to improve player rentetion, recruitment, staffing and discipline.

Under the Secretariat, Club Secretary Chalwe Chipulu will head the committee.

His vice Matyola Haanyama and John Sakala joins him.

The trio is charged with responsibility to work hand in hand with the media, bring in effective communication and if possible create an online portal.

And Nelius Mumba was made in charge of maintanance of infrascture.

Kapai said all committees are free to co-opt people they feel can add value to the club and enhance the work of the committee.

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