Nchanga MP donates football jerseys

 Nchanga MP donates football jerseys

Nchanga Member of Parliament Derricky Chilundika has donated eight bundles of football jerseys and foot balls to eight wards in his constituency.

Speaking during the handover of the Jerseys, Mr Chilundika encouraged the youths from various football clubs in the constituency to remain disciplined.

He said that instead of substance abuse, the youth should focus on bettering their skills as football is a good source of income.

The MP emphasized that the donation was not political but was aimed at empowering youths that play for various local clubs.

Mr Chilundika said that the wards that have been left out will soon receive their share of jerseys and playing balls.

“This donation should not be politicked by anyone, it is the first of many, president Hichilema wants to empower youths through various ways, irrespective of their political parties, let us move and work together with the Government of the day,” he said.

Mr Chilundika, who is also Luapula Province Minister, also urged the youths to avoid baseless critics concerning the removal of subsides.

And representing all the recipient wards, Butungwa ward councilor Matthew Simukoko thanked the MP for the good gesture.

Mr Simukoko said that the empowering youths with jerseys will help them remain in active sport and avoid substance abuse.

He said that as the constituency is fighting criminality, it is important to keep the youths business with sports.

“We are glad that the MP responded upon our appeal to help ward clubs, we are hopeful that our ward will produce another star from the ward to represent the country internationally, this is a step in the right direction,” he said.

And Chingola Deputy Mayor Richard Kabwe said that this was a moral booster for the young players which should be commended

And one of the recipients from Bupalo stars football club Mathews Pelenga said football is a uniting factor among youths.

He said the donation is a reminder of what used to happen in the olden days was ward teams were empowered with jerseys.

And another player Cepheus Kunda from Yepya stars from Kapisha said that he hopes to advance his footballing career and be a professional player.