Nchanga Constituency Votes

 Nchanga Constituency Votes

The Patriotic Front (PF) intra-Party Wards elections in Nchanga Constituency have been completed successfully.

Nchanga PF Constituency Chairperson Gilly Mwape has told The Independent Observer that all the 10 ward had successful polls.

Mr Mwape said out of the 10 wards, five ward chairpersons had retained their seats while the other five lost to new entrants.

He said the five PF wards with new chairpersons are Sekela, Kabundi, Bupalo, Kapisha and Nchanga.

“The new entrants are those who really want to build and take the party to greater heights. The constituency and the District executives were simply there to monitor and ensure that the process was transparent.

“But in every election not all can be happy with the process. We expect a few members to be unhappy and as party we are ready to address the aggrieved members. I appeal to all members that we unite and form a formidable team that will be unbeatable in 2021” he said.

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