NCC forms a task force on markets

 NCC forms a task force on markets

The Ndola City Council has formed a task force to ensure that the taking over of markets and bus stations in the city is sustainable and translates in improved service delivery.

The Ndola City Council Town Clerk Cosmas Chalusa established a task force comprising members of management and other members of staff.

NMC Public Relations Manager Rebecca Mushota said the task force is mandated to ensure that the full control of markets and bus stations by the Ndola City Council is sustainable and results in improved service delivery by working closely with Council staff that operates in markets and bus stations.

Ms Mushota said this is in line with President Hakainde Hichilema’s statement made recently that it was expected the service delivery in bus stations and markets would improve after the takeover of the public facilities by Councils.

She said the task force on markets and bus stations has been visiting various markets and bus stations in Ndola to understand the challenges of traders and bus operators and to ascertain which short and long term measures should be put in place to maximise revenue collection and improve service delivery.

Ms Mushota said the task force has been engaging the market and bus station advisory committees as well traders, bus operators, commuters and other members of the public.

“The bus drivers, traders, commuters and members of the public have highlighted various challenges such as run down market and bus station shelters. Other challenges include damaged roads on bus stations, run-down toilets, lack of security and lack of proper bus stops closer to their residencies.

“Some advisory committees have urged the Council to protect traders and members of the public from youths that abuse alcohol and hurl insults on residents,” she said.

She said NCC has embarked on measures to rehabilitate run down infrastructure.

Ms Mushota said the measures are both short and long term.

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