NATMAZ throws its wet behind Maposa Nkhuwa

 NATMAZ throws its wet behind Maposa Nkhuwa

By Staff Writer
National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia (NATMAZ) says they would like Maposa Nkhuwa to be adopted as Chingola Member of Parliament (MP) because they have been well taken care of by the incumbent (MP) Matthew Nkhuwa.

Speaking today April 9, 2021, at Chiwempala hall, NATMAZ National Information Publicity Secretary (IPS) Emmanuel Mukupa said NATMAZ members will give Maposa 100 per cent support.

Mr Mukupa said the Chingola lawmaker; Mr Nkhuwa had given empowerment to all the 23 markets in the constituency.

Emmanuel Mukupa

He said NATMAZ will not be used by selfish politicians but they would rather rally behind Mr Nkhuwa and his son who had taken care of them in times of need.

“We are not ashamed to associate ourselves with Mr Nkhuwa. Because when we needed him he was there for us and now it is our turn to return the favor by supporting his son. We are not in markets to be used but as business owners striving to make it big. In this area Mr Nkhuwa has been our partner.

“For you Maposa go and kneel before the President for adoption because all of us here are your campaign managers. Waste time elsewhere, here your father already campaigned for you. Just here at Chiwempala market, Mr Nkhuwa has given us about K300, 000 as empowerment fund. We will not dump Mr Nkhuwa now when he really needs us. Just give us party regalia we do the job,” he said.

Chingola Constituency PF Chairperson Francis Chileshe said his role was simply to introduce Maposa to NATMAZ after the aspiring candidate had requested to meet leaders of NATMAZ.

And Maposa said the objective should be amassing more votes for President Edgar Lungu, no wonder he choose to meet them.

He said the good roads of Chingola and much other infrastructure development had come by because President Lungu has a heart for the people of Chingola.

“Also Mr Nkhuwa as the chief lobbyist left many other projects that need to be completed. This is where I come in,” he said.

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