National dialogue process jigsaw: Everyone marshalling for relevance

Dear Editor,

It is interesting to see how the much anticipated national dialogue is getting hype with all political parties in the country marshalling themselves to be of relevance to the process.

It is however sad that the national dialogue has become a jigsaw for some political parties without known Presidents apart from their 2021 aspiring Presidents on their party tickets party.

This I think is a lesson that we should endeavour to do the right things always without bulldozing.

The national dialogue being advanced is for all registered political party presided by various political party Presidents currently, not those to be unveiled later.

I feel it is now prudent that our politicians should learn not to eat with two hands.

And nobody should be blamed but themselves.

Us Zambians have most times been taken for granted by such politicians who seem to take advantage of their political immunity to keep us guessing as to where some politicians belong.

It is therefore gratifying to note that the national dialogue process will expose them and enlighten us Zambians so that we stop following politicians blindly.

Wisdom Muyunda

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