NAQEZ shocked over early demand for free education

 NAQEZ shocked over early demand for free education

The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) says that it is shocking that some individuals are busy calling for free Secondary education from the brand new UPND Government.

NAQEZ executive director Aaron Chance adds that the union finds these demands premature, dishonest, unrealistic, unreasonable , gravely misleading  and lacking any social ,moral , economic and Political footing.

Mr Chansa says that NAQEZ says this without the intent of sounding political.

“At this stage, we need to give the new team clear space to make obvious and necessary adjustments to create room for free education. We believe that free education is achievable as long as Government gives highest premium to education,” he said.

Mr Chansa stated that President Hichilema and the UPND should be allowed to settle before Zambians and school going children begin demanding for free education for all.

“We hold a strong view that free education for all cannot be realized in 2021 as the new administration will have to rearrange a number of economic and social parameters to facilitate for systematic implementation of free education in Zambia, knowledge is common that free education across board is not petty business , it demands for  proper planning ,major realignments and clear   budgetary allocation to the sector, that is why, any well-meaning and reasonable Zambian cannot pressurize a Government which is just two days old ,” he said.

Mr Chansa has since appealed to parents to ignore any uncharacteristic voice over free education but gain more patience and continue supporting   education by paying school fees.

He added that NAQEZ is hopeful that the new Government will soon prepare adequately and support free education, for the benefit of all citizens.