NAQEZ expects 20% budget allocation

 NAQEZ expects 20% budget allocation

National Action for Quality Education (NAQEZ) expects 20% budget allocation to the education sector as opposed to the 11.5% that was allocated in 2020 National budget.

Minister of finance Stibembeko Musokotwane is tomorrow, October, 29th, 2022 expected to present the national budget.

And NAQEZ Executive director Aaron Chansa says a decent and progressive budget allocation to the education sector is what is expected in tomorrow’s budget presentation.

“As NAQEZ we join teachers, Lecturers, learners, parents and other educational stakeholders in expecting a decent allocation, tomorrow’s budget presentation will either perpetuate the sufferings of teachers and learners or bring a ray of hope to the sector. More than 110,000 Government teachers are anxiously waiting to hear the contents of the 2022 national budget,” he said.

Mr Chansa said that with a comfortable financial support to education the fortunes of the education sector will likely change.

“We are likely to have thousands of new teachers employed, thousands of desks bought, quick upgrades and confirmation’s for teachers, meal allowance reinstated ,improved grants to schools ,colleges and Universities, curriculum review and purchase of computers for schools,” he said.

Mr Chansa said that President Hichilema and Mr Musokotwane have a golden and historic opportunity to “walk the talk” on education of Zambia.

He said that it is embarrassing that after 57 years of being independence, the country still has many pupils sitting on the floor whilst learning.

“Without good funding as expected, the sector will drive into a serious state of stagnation, the Ministry of Education will fail to run schools and teachers will go into spaces of despair and shock. This would be catastrophic for education and the nation,” he said.