NAQEZ challenges presidential candidates

 NAQEZ challenges presidential candidates

The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has challenged all the 16 political parties contesting the August, 12, 2021 general election to clearly tell the voters what they will do in the education sector between 2021 and 2026.

NAQEZ executive director Aaron Chansa says they are disappointed that almost all the contesting political parties have not outlined what exactly Zambians expect to see in the education sector, after voting in the August polls.

“We are wondering why most electoral competitors have not given maximum attention to educational issues. This blacklisting of education on the campaign menu must worry all Zambians, before the poll day, we demand serious pronouncements from all the 16 political parties on a number of pertinent educational issues,” he said.

Mr Chansa added that each party should outline how the sector will be funded and to what extent Government will provide free education to citizens.

He said that there is need to know how each party plans to review school and university curricular as well as plans to make the system resilient against pandemics.

“The Zambian people will also expect all the 16 political parties to lay out plans on how they will engage the more than 58,000 unemployed teachers, upgrade teachers, gazette newly upgraded schools, confirm thousands of teachers and make education available to all learners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Mr Chansa stated that between today and 12th August, NAQEZ hopes to see all presidential candidates using public and private media platforms to state road maps for the attainment of inclusive and quality education in Zambia.

“NAQEZ has since implored all Zambians to ask all candidates from all participating political formations, at whatever level, to present their manifestos on education as teaching is a mother of all professions and its importance should always be magnified during an election year.