N/Western Chamber of Commerce calls investment in Infrustrucure

 N/Western Chamber of Commerce calls investment in Infrustrucure


North Western chamber of commerce and industry President Mukumbi Kafuta has called on investors to invest in infrastructure Development in Zambezi and Kabompo to Foster economic development.

Mr Kafuta said North Western province has the potential for tourism in Zambezi, Kabompo, Chavuma and Mwinilunga districts which requires proper infrastructure Development such as hotels, Lodges, road network and housing units.

He said that to make tourism industry viable in the province all stakeholders need to play their part, government to build access roads and the business community to come up with investments and Development partners to provide support in terms of financing and technical assistance.

“The opening of Zambia airways flight route to Solwezi will be a catalyst for the growth of tourism in the province”, He said.

He said this during an annual general meeting held at Floriana lodge in Solwezi.

Alice Nachilembe


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