My desire is to carry on the legacy of Hon Nkhuwa-Maposa

 My desire is to carry on the legacy of Hon Nkhuwa-Maposa

By Statt Writer
Chingola Constituency PF aspiring parliamentary candidate Maposa Nkhuwa says he has joined the Manda Hill race because he wants to carry on the legacy of his father Matthew Nkhuwa.

Mr Nkhuwa under his term has built classroom blocks, school science laboratories, the most expensive school dormitories at Muchinshi Secondary school, maternity annex at Lulamba, police posts at Riverside, Chikola and Mutenda, markets shelters and above all he lobbied for the Chingola roads to be done.

Among the political heavy weights and politicians who have fulfilled their campaign promises, Mr Nkhuwa leaves an unmatched legacy of development in Chingola constituency.

However, the Grade 12 clause knocked him out of the race despite having a degree in project management.

This is why among other aspirants, Maposa who is a Technical Director at Matty Investments was requested by the Chingola PF Constituency to contend for adoption to carry on with the legacy of his father.

He has also demonstrated a track record in supporting the sporting community such as Chingola Leopards, the Chingola Municipal Council sponsored side.

Maposa has also pledged to support the President Edgar Lungu and whoever is adopted even if the party does not adopt him.

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