Mwaba Mukuma arrested in connection with gassing

 Mwaba Mukuma arrested in connection with gassing

Mwaba Mukuma of Chingola has been arrested after he was allegedly found with K79, 975 cash in his Isuzu plus a loaded pistol with 11 rounds and black powder.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga who was part of the operation where police were searching each and every car said Mukuma was arrested on Saturday, February 1, 2020, along Chiwempala road at 2 Kalis around 22:30 hrs.

Ms Katanga said Mukuma 39, of 13-10th Street Nchanga South was a lone driver in the Isuzu twin cab Registration Number 4915 when police stopped him and found he had bundles of money amounting to K79, 975, black power and a pistol with 11 rounds.

“With my team we further went to search at his house where we found 1 kilogram of unknown precious metal which appear like gold to naked eyes, some additional ammunition were found, additional white and black powder,” he said.Mukuma

Ms Katanga said Mukuma was then arrested and detained at Chingola Police for further investigations while the powder was taken for laboratory analysis.

“We are randomly searching every vehicle at random times and random spots because everyone is a suspect behind the gassing. This searching exercise will continue until we bring the province and Chingola in particular to normalcy.

“I wish to advise all those involved in the transport sector especially Taxi drivers, to be wary of some suspicious clients carrying chary luggage. Our operation will leave no stone unturned,” she said.

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