Mutenda Ward reserves votes for Maposa Nkhuwa

 Mutenda Ward reserves votes for Maposa Nkhuwa

By Staff Writer
PF Mutenda ward Chairperson Christopher Kasoma says the people of Mutenda will only give a vote to someone Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa will give them.

Mr Kasoma said the people of Mutenda were saddened with the news that Mr Nkhuwa would not re-contest the Chingola Constituency seat.

He said with Mr Nkhuwa on the wheels, Chingola Constituency had a brighter future and any person that he will back politically, would get their votes.

Mr Kasoma said that if Mr Nkhuwa is backing his son Maposa Nkhuwa it is great news to the people of Mutenda because their only interest is someone who can continue with Mr Nkhuwa’s legacy.

“We shall rally behind Mr Nkhuwa so that he can deliver on some of the remaining promises he has made to use. He has already achieved more here but we want him to continue or his son,” he said.

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