Mutenda community overwhelms NRCs officers

 Mutenda community overwhelms NRCs officers

The Mobile National Registration card in Chingola’s Mutenda has received an overwhelming response.

And it appears the four days that were given aren’t not enough as a lot of people have not yet been captured.

Mildred Kasongolonde, one of the resident said that the exercise is the opportunity for the people who can’t manage to get the NRCs from the Boma due to transport challenges and bureaucracy.

Ms Kasongolonde said that because of transport challenges most of the time the children in rural urban get NRC’s past the required age.

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo who visited area to monitor the process was overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to get NRC’s.

Mr Tembo urged the people to ensure that people get NRC’s at the right age as most of the people getting NRC’s where above 16 years old.

He said that those who won’t be captured should ensure that they visit the central office in Chingola as the process doesn’t take long these days.

Mutenda ward Councillor Hamalila Hamanansa was appealing for an extension of the process member at another center nearby for the people to get captured.


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