Mutelo welcomes appointment of Nalumango

 Mutelo welcomes appointment of Nalumango

Newly appointed National Management Committee member for the United Party for National Development UPND Subeta Mutelo has welcomed appointment of Mutale Nalumango as the first female vice president of the party.

Ms Mutelo said the appointment of Ms Nalumango is clear sign that the party and its president have confidence in women.

She said more women deserve to be higher political position to change the political narrative despite Zambian politics not being cordial for the women.

She said most women are victims of stereotypes and chagrin.

Ms Mutelo who is also UPND Kamfinsa aspiring parliamentary candidate said Ms Nalumango who is the first female vice president will bring vast and immeasurable political experience to Zambian politics.

“Ms Nalumango has held various positions such as Minister of Information and former Deputy Speaker of Assembly. Ms Nalumango’s political career is untainted and exemplary because she is known to lead from the front.

“I wish to convey my uttermost gratitude to President Hakainde Hichilema for his confidence in the women of the party. He has made a great choice in Mutale Nalumango. She will emphatically bring to the table her vast and immeasurable political expertise. She is a fully fledged woman,” she said.

Ms Mutelo said women are ready to take up bigger decision making positions in different functions adding that women can only be empowered if they are given effective political space.

She has since urged Ms Nalumango to develop a thick skin and be focused if she is to remain relevant and useful in the political arena.

“World over, women have broken the glass ceiling and it makes us the UPND women very happy and proud that we finally have a female mentor and pillar. She is a role model who we can always look up to.

We believe that our President Hakainde Hichilema will appoint more women in many portfolios. Not only as deputies but chairpersons,” she said.


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