Sat. Nov 16th, 2019

Mutati implores Govt to engage mines over tax

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By Nchimunya Miyoba
Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Felix Mutati says government should engage mining firms and amicably handle the issues of taxes as they affect the people of Zambia.

Speaking during the card renewal exercise held at Moba Hotel today, Mr Mutati said government should find a common ground with the investors and ensure that the country does not lose the much needed investment and jobs for the the people.

Mr Mutati emphasized that the mining sector is a partner of government and not a rival and as such there need to carefully find a solution to the problem.

“Government needs to hear the cries of the people and help to secure jobs. Most of the Zambians working in the mines has families that depend on them for their livelihood,” he said.

He said the MMD is the only party that does not keep grudges towards people and parties that say bad things against the party as it is the only party that put in place good policies that the current government is enjoying.

Mr Mutati said the party is aware that party structures have been weakened due to members leaving looking for greener pastures in search of financial help.

Mr Mutati seized the opportunity and explained the five point strategic plan to the members that will see the party move forward.

He said the card renewal exercise will soon be introduced to all the provinces in the country that will see programs that will enhance resource mobilisation and holding of intraparty elections in readiness for the convention.

He said urged members to contest all positions in the party including the presidential position at the convention adding the party will not make decisions without involving its members.

He said issues of political differences and alliances will only be addressed if the party goes for the convention and not through the courts of law.

And Mr Mutati has sternly warned members who are still holding on to party vehicles to return them before action is taken by the party.

Meanwhile MMD National Secretary Rapheal Nakancinda thanked the provincial Chairman for the resellience of ensuring that the party in the province moves forward.

Mr Nakacinda said unity of purpose and hard work in the party is the only answer to win elections in 2021

He said party members need to be disciplined and that they should avoid engaging themselves in wrangles that can destroy the party.

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