Mushili community clubs receive CDF empowerment

 Mushili community clubs receive CDF empowerment

PF Bwana Mkubwa, Member of Parliament Jonas Chanda has handed over Chicks and feed to 16 community clubs in Mushili as part of the empowerment program for income generation.

Dr Chanda said the empowerment program is ongoing and will happen in all seven wards in Bwana Mkubwa targeting Women, Youth and Men’s Clubs involved in projects such as chicken rearing, block making, cement selling, and other income generating activities.

He has encouraged club members to work hard and be accountable since they have all required inputs, and considere all form of empowerment as “seed money”.

Dr Chanda has also encouraged the empowered clubs to get away from a culture of cash handouts which only lead to instant consumption and gratification, and create a vicious cycle of dependence and poverty.

“I handed over small chickens (chicks), chicken feed, and other items to about 500 people belonging to 16 registered community clubs in Mushili as part of the Empowerment program for income generation under the 2017 Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

“Each of the 16 registered community clubs, who included faith based and marketeers, received a full package of 300 chicks, 19 bags of chicken feed (starter, grower, finisher), feeders, drinkers, vaccines (medicines), disinfectants, maize braw and other items,” he said.

The MP said forty registered community clubs will benefit from the K400, 000 of CDF funds set aside for income generating activities (IGAs).

He said the 2017 CDF is also being used to construct Kantolomba Clinic, Mwenye Clinic, Placenta pits at Kaloko and Katondo Clinics, Modern toilets at Kansengu market, and to renovate Jacaranda Police Post.

The community clubs which were empowered are Ntungilila Women’s club, Esther Women’s Club, Twende Babili Temwenso Women Club, Holy Women Club, Mutamba Women Club, Mwabombeni Women Club, Natwange Chapamo Club, Mushili Youth Development Club, Tulipamo Club, Shalom Women Club, Mulungu Ali Naifwe, Twafwane Mushili Club, SOZAGA Widows Club, Lesa Musuma Women Club, St Dennis Women Club, and Old Peoples Men’s Club.



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