Mumba Yachi’s studio burned down

 Mumba Yachi’s studio burned down

Mumba Yachi’s studio has been burnt and assorted musical instruments  have also been burnt to ashes.

Acting Police Spokesperson Danny Mwale said that Mumba Yachi 34 of Avondale reported that his studio situated at plot number 57 Acacia Avenue in Avondale caught fire and assorted musical instruments were burnt to ashes.

Mr Mwale said that preliminary investigations revealed that the fire started from the vast open bush area of Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) on the side which shares the border with the houses in Acacia road, Avondale.

As the fire approached the wall fence area, it was fueled by the strong wind which caused some pieces of burning grass to fly on top of thatched roof of the studio which is situated near to the wall fence, igniting the roof. Fire also spread to the next house which also had a thatched roof,” he said.

He said the fire also extended to the house where some household properties where burnt as well.

Mr Mwale said that on October 31, 2020 at 13:30 hours, Yachi and his partner in business identified as Jacob Hoff left the studio intact and securely locked after using it.

He said that Jacob Hoff who resides at the same address then received a call at around 15 hours informing him about the fire in the studio which had extended to the house he lives in.

Mr  Mwale said Police and Fire Brigade officers managed to put off the fire.

He said the value of the property burnt is K376,300 while value of the damage on the building is yet to be ascertained.

Police have opened an Inquiry file.

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