Multiply the animals-Prof Luo

 Multiply the animals-Prof Luo

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Nkandu Luo has urged cooperative to think of increasing the livestock that has been given to them for business and not consumption.

Prof Luo said that the empowerment that has been received should be for sustenance of their families.

She said this when she empowered seven cooperatives in Chingola’s peri-aburn areas of Muchinshi with chickens and goats.

Prof Luo said that government wants to eliminate poverty at household level by empowering people in livestock and other empowerment programs.

She urged the cooperatives to take care of the animals so that they multiply and increase to be sold and to be given as empowerment to other groups.

And Chingola District commissioner Agnes Tonga expressed happiness toward the gesture by the government.

Ms Tonga said the gesture shows the commitment that government has towards the people in rural communities to have better lives.

She said that the move will enhance and better the lives of the rural communities.

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