Mulonga Water ZOOMs on customer

 Mulonga Water ZOOMs on customer

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has launched its third strategic business plan focusing on customer centric.

MWSC Managing Director Kanyembo Ndhlovu said the business plan is aimed at centering on the customer through enhanced end to end process in improving service delivery.

Speaking during the launch yesterday at Protea in Chingola, Mr Ndhlovu said the plan will ensure that the customer is delighted, thereby maximizing shareholder value through a motivated workforce.

He said the utility firm is now focusing on mind set for all MWSC staff to drive the company’s goal and lay a strong foundation going forward.

Mr Ndhlovu said the business plan would fulfill the company mandate and mission of providing sustainable water and sanitation services.

He said the re-organization of the company is unavoidable as management and staff has to embrace change.

“The ultimate driving principal of the plan is to improve Mulonga Water as a business entity and institute changes in operations and ensure internal inefficiencies are tackled among other challenges.

“MWSC faced unprecedented challenges in the previous planning cycle among them, high staff turnover in key positions low level of staff awareness, increase in arrears among others,” he said.

But despite the challenges, he says MWSC made significant achievements in the past three years in terms of increased coverage for water and sanitation and increased customer base water connections.

“The strategic plan has six priority areas to which the company will follow  customer and stakeholder delight, financial viability and sustainability, operational excellence and infrastructure development, smart solutions and innovation, internal organization reforms and restructuring and governance and risk Management,” he said.

And Water Development and Sanitation Permanent Secretary Ed Chomba implored Mulonga Water to implement the plan not to keep it on paper.

Bishop Chomba said most of the customer complaints are genuine hence customer relation is very important and drivers of this should be the employees.

He said government’s vision by 2030 is to see that tap water becomes drinkable.

Bishop Chombo said the plan to with deal with the mindset shift of all staff employee and focus on border challenges of providing better service delivery is welcome.

He said better customer service delivery depends on all MWSC staff capacity building of the workforce is essential.

The Bishop said his ministry will support the plan all the way.

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