Mulonga Water takes sanitation awareness to schools

 Mulonga Water takes sanitation awareness to schools

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) is now using schools in its sanitation awareness programs.

The water utility firm has introduced quiz for secondary schools from Chililabombwe Chingola and Mufulira dangled with K10, 000 as prize money for the winner.

Mufulira District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Crispin Chilufya says the move is the perfect way to inculcate the culture of clean environment.

Mr Chilufya said sanitation in schools is also a source of concern and infusing in pupils is a perfect way to tackle the problem.

Speaking during the World Toilet Day organized by MWSC earlier this week, Mr Chilufya said pupils would help in raising awareness of the importance of WTD.

He said the quiz which saw Kabundi Secondary of Chingola walk away with K10, 000 would help in assessing the knowledge pupils have on sanitation.

He said the inclusion of schools this year by MWSC would help pupils to understand the need to have proper sanitation facilities and educate others on the same.

“Some die for lacking access to toilets facilities. Children die from water, sanitation and hygiene related causes which can be avoidable if sanitation standards are followed.

Children are the ones who greatly suffer the consequences of lack of proper sanitation facilities.

“Government attaches great importance to provision of toilets as much as it does to benches, blackboards and classroom in schools. This year’s theme “when Nature calls” should be a call for us to listen and act when nature calls. This day is a day to raise awareness about all people who do not have access to toilets despite the human rights to water and sanitation,” he said.

And MWSC Finance Director Sila Siame said this year the company had focused on pupils because they are a vehicle to help to deliver the information to others.

Mr Siame said pupils should know the importance of sanitation and take an interest in these matters.

He said the company had made groups in these schools so that pupils can be more knowledgeable and aware of the importance of toilets.

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