Mulonga Water take land enchrochers to police

 Mulonga Water take land enchrochers to police

Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation has taken a Chingola resident to police for alleged criminal trespass on Mulonga infrastructure.

MWSC Acting Public Relations Manager Bright Mtonga confirmed the development to The Independent.

Mr Mtonga said the scourge was becoming a concern to the company as people were illegally constructing on company land thereby failing to differentiate between real criminals and trespassers.

He said the case is being investigated by the police and he could not give further details at the moment.

Mr Mtonga sai there are other case the company was pursuing related to trespassing on company installations which had become rampant.

He said the company had on several occasions warned residents in Chingola, Chililabombwe and Mufulira against encroaching on company land but that the advice had fallen on deaf ears.

“The situation we have is that people are illegally constructing on company land near our installations. We have been engaging them but most of them have not been cooperating. The next step is for the company to use the law to deal with offenders,” he said.

He said that in Chingola the case of criminal trespass is involving a woman who has allegedly illegally constructed a house at Lulamba Water reservoir.

“There are two houses illegally built on Lulamba Water Reservoir land. We also have an issue where some house near Kasompe Reservoir have been built on top of a six inch water pipe. All these are illegalities and need to be corrected as soon as possible using the law. In Mufulira we also have cases of encroachments at Kantanshi Sewer Grids where unkown people were clearing the area in apparent preparation for constructing houses.

“The issue in Mufulira we are engaging the authorities, these constructions if they go ahead will block our access to the sewer grids. These particular infrastructure need to be disluged, ideally,” he said.

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