Mulonga Water reintroduces ‘Amnesty’

 Mulonga Water reintroduces ‘Amnesty’

…all illegal connections can now be legalised

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company has re-introduced the Amnesty as a way to improve customer relations.

Speaking at a community meeting in Nchanga North Mulonga Water Public Relations Officer Bright Mtonga said that the company has again launched an amnesty for its consumers.

Amnesty at Mulonga Water seeks to administratively normalize customers who have by passed water meters, uncaptured additional connections at their promises, illegal water and sewerage connections.

Any of the above normally acts is a crime and a prosecutable offence.

Mr Mtonga said the amnesty has been driven by the company’s desire to give affected parties a chance to come forward and normalize their relationship before strictlyapplications of the law.

He said customers who have connected illegally or by passed meters will have their connections normalized without penalties provided they contact the company before the amnesty period.

“The amnesty which will run for the whole month of July would allow customers to normalize with Mulonga Water without charges, no billing for water consumed illegally, no additional deposit payment plans for arrears will be worked out on a case by case basis,” he said.

Mr Mtonga also said that the company will reinstate whistleblower scheme on those vices.

This is where the community can report illegality and stand a chance to receive a reward of K500 for any traceable illegal connection or metre bypass.

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