Mulonga Water owed over K100 million by customers

 Mulonga Water owed over K100 million by customers

Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation Company says all customer owe the utility firm substantial sum amounting to K100 million.

MWSC Managing Director Rueben Kaira implored customers to start liquidating the debts.

Speaking at this year’s World Water day Commemorations in Chililabombwe, Mr Kaira said customers should demonstrate that they value water as the theme states ‘valuing Water’ by promptly paying water bills they owe to the company.

He said that less than half of the customers are paying for the services they are receiving, the situation which is negatively affecting the company.

Mr Kaira said the company needs resources to adequately provide quality and consistent services to customers in the three operations towns.

He said improvement plans are being limited by lack of resources because very few customers are fulfilling their obligations.

Mr Kaira said that water is immense as it is the center of business thereby urgeing the people to take responsibility to protect and utilize it responsibly.

He said people should avoid actions which may compromise the integrity of water sources such as vandalism and theft of water infrastructure.

Mr Kaira has appealed to all stakeholders to play a key role at individual and organizational level in helping realize the value of water through responsible actions.

He said that the challenges that hinder service provision are cause by different factors like the dilapidated infrastructure, lack of extension of services to new areas and challenges of water quality and quantity.

“The flagship of the Zambia Water and Sanitation Project which is in full swing and the works for “design and build” contract aimed at improving water and sanitation facilities, is being implemented and it will go a long way in curing the deferent challenges we are facing,” he said.

And Chililabombwe District Commissioner Roy Ngosa said water is a resource which has value beyond its price and can be a source of conflict if not well managed.

Mr Ngosa said Government is committed to take the lead in demonstrating the value of water by providing an enabling environment for growth of the water sector.

He said government has demonstrated at various juncture that one of its priorities is protection and management of fresh water sources and improved accessibility to clean and adequate water to all regardless of their status.

The DC has challenged Mulonga management and employees to work harder and ensure that they improve the current service levels and ensure all communities benefit.

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