Mulonga Water launches multi-million water project in Chingola

 Mulonga Water launches multi-million water project in Chingola

Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation Company has lunched the physical works of the multi-million water and sanitation project in Chingola under the Zambia Water and Sanitation Project (ZWSP).

The project is aimed at improving water and sanitation in Chingola.

Mulonga Water Managing Director Rueben Kaira said the projects aims to benefit over 200,000 people in all the three towns of operations namely; Chingola, Chililabombwe and Mufulira.

Mr Kaira said today’s (August 21, 2020) launch is anchored mainly on the priority investment programme (PIP) where €23 million will be spent to partially improve water and sanitation infrastructure in the operations.

He said the project once completed will significantly improve the access to water and sanitation.

“We have been signing of the ZWSP we are happy now it has come to fruition. The project carters for the growth of population for the next 30 years though we still have a deficit in resources. We are still looking for more resources to bring the service delivery to acceptable levels.

“The Townships to benefit from the physical works in Chingola are Town centre, Chiwempala, Mulenga, Kasompe, Nchanga North, Riverside, Musenga, Kapisha Water network, Chigayo, Mushishima and Twatasha. The main works will start thereafter. Let us support Mulonga Water by paying bills so that the company remain sustainable,” he said.

And Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said the population for Chingola had grown while water and sanitation infrastructure had remained the same.

Mr Tembo said the launched had signaled better things to come.

He implored the water utility company to execute the project prudently for the benefit of the people of Chingola.

The Mayor said once completed, the projects will improve hygiene in the district.

He expressed concern over vandalism and thefts of Mulonga property saying public infrastructure is meant to benefit everyone.

Meanwhile Mulonga Water Board Chairperson Emmanuel Sandi said the ZWSP will create more jobs for the people of Chingola

Mr Sandi said the people of Chingola should not shy away from knocking on the office of Mr Kaira to request for possible jobs.

He implored Mulonga Water to limit traveling so that there is saving of resources.

And in a vote of thanks Mimbula Ward Councillor Kennedy Simpansa expressed gratitude to government and Mulonga Water for the project.

Mr Simpasa who is also Chingola Deputy Mayor, said the project was a major achievement for the people of Mimbula, Kasompe and other Townships.

The project is being funded by European Investment Bank, European Union, French Development Agency and Zambian Government.

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