Mulonga Water increases water rationing in Chingola

 Mulonga Water increases water rationing in Chingola

Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation says Chingola will experience increased rationing of water supply due to the collapsing ground at Nchanga Open Pit.

Acting Mulonga Water Public Relations Manager Bright Mtonga has told The Independent Observer that the collapsing ground at the mine has affected the water supply.

Mr Mtonga said the recent developments of slope instability at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Nchanga Open Pit (CUT 2) mining area led to the rerouting of water, power and sanitation infrastructure to stable ground.

“These works are having an effect on the operations at the Water Treatment Plant located in KCM Plant area. Areas on this circuit will experience intermittent water supply and customer are urged to store water whenever they have supply to cushion the impact. The company will be providing water through a bowser to worst affected areas during this period of reduced supply expected to last until the end of July 2020. Affected areas are Nchanga North, South, Chiwempala, Chikola, Mushishima and industrial area,” he said.

He said the company will need K7, 400,000 to reroute the 1.5 kilometer long sewerage line affected by the slope instability at KCM.

“The company is engaging the Ministry of Water Development Sanitation and Environmental Protection (MWDSEP) on the works which will involve construction of a new line on a section that transmit sewer effluent from Nchanga North to Eastern Sewerage Ponds,” he said.

The Independent Observer

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