Mulonga Water buys 8 vehicles for leakage rapid response

 Mulonga Water buys 8 vehicles for leakage rapid response

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company has purchased eight utility vehicles to be used for the quick response of attending to leaks and the reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW).
The vehicles are meant for the quick response from customers in the case of leaks.
Mulonga Water is aiming at reducing non-revenue water which is one of the hurdles the company is facing in its effort to improve service delivery.
MWSC Director Infrastructure Development Ndilakulampa Hamalambo said customers’ complaints couldn’t be attended to on time but with purchase of vehicles there are shall be quick responses.
Mr Hamalambo said the current NRW stands at 39% but the company’s targets is to reach 25% by 2022.
He said the target will only be realized if various strategies were implemented which involve both equipment and man power.
He said the procurement of the vehicles was a mile stone in the company’s effort to reduce NRW because the utility firm handed over eight vehicles to the three divisions in the service towns of Chililabombwe, Chingola and Mufulira.
“The vehicles are five Nissan Hard bodies and three Land Cruisers at a cost of USS131, 500.00. They will enable our team to respond to leaks and burst within stipulated time. And a number of intervention has been put in place to reduce NRW as part of the Zambia Water and Sanitation Project,” he said.
Mr Hamalambo said the efforts have enable the company to get closer to the customers and provide a systematic way of dealing with pipe leaks which are a major source of NRW.
He has urged the NRW team that the purpose of these vehicles is to double the effort to attend to the leaks in their areas within the shortest possible time.
Cecilia Mkandawire NRW Manager said all the leaks need to be sealed and also improve to six leaks per person per day as expected by customers they is no need to delay.
A Network Superintendent south of Chingola Division Joseph Mwewa expressed gratitude for the gesture by management that the response to customers will be fast when they call.

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