Mulonga brown water coming to an end

 Mulonga brown water coming to an end

Brown water fills a bathroom sink in a Winnipeg home in the St. John’s neighbourhood in the North End on Sept. 1, 2013. Adam Wazny / Winnipeg Free Press.

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company will use part of the capital funding it has received to find another source of raw water in an effort to provide clean and clear water.

The never ending complaint for customers of Mulonga Water in Chingola is the brown water trickling from their taps in the mornings.

Though it has been medically proven that the water is safe to drink, customers still complain that they can’t wash white clothes with brownish water.

Mulonga Water equally feel obligated to provide clean and clear water free from any seen elements.

Speaking recently to the media, Mulonga Water Director for Infrastructure and Development Ndilakulampa Hamalambo said Mulonga Water is contemplating abandoning the water treatment located in the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) plant in Chingola.

Mr Hamalambo said the water treatment plant inside the mine is the one which is affecting water quality because the utility firm has been blending raw water from Kafue together with the raw water from Nchanga underground mine.

He said water from Nchanga underground is pumped out by KCM in the act of dewatering the mine to prevent it from flooding and that has been the same historical water which affects water quality.

“This is due to mineral particles reacting with chlorine. But we have two alternatives on the cards. We are thinking of upgrading the current water treatment plant at Kafue Water works to meet the demand for Chingola. The other option is bringing in industrial boreholes located along Solwezi road away from both underground and open pit mining activities. This is because dewatering of the mine affects the water table levels, no wonder we are gone a good distance along Solwezi road to think of drilling boreholes.

“Once this is done, brown water will be history and water will be as clear and clean as bottled water. We are also improving the tanks capacity to ensure that we meet the growing demand for water by the new opened up Townships,” he said.

Mr Hamalambo also clarified that the much talked about capital funding is not in the coffers of Mulonga Water.

But he said approved projects receive immediate funding.

“That is why we have some Consultants of European original at the Mulonga Water offices located at Zamtel. Their job is to ensure that Mulonga Water meets with all the guideline before each amount is released,” he said.

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