Mulonga Public Notice: Bowser water distribution schedule

There has been a steady improvement in the water supply in the affected areas. The company will continue to monitor the situation and update stakeholders on any developments. The mitigation measures will continue in worst affected areas and the water bowser distribution on Saturday and Sunday will be as follows:

Nchanga South from 08 to 13:00 hours

  1. 10th Street ( Northern, Central And South Locations) (48 – 9th Street)
  2. 10 Consort, 80 Kwacha Road
  3. 11th Street ( Northern, Central And South Locations)
  4. 12th Street (Northern, Central And South Locations)
  5. 13th Street ( Northern, Central And South Locations)
  6. Mapple Avenue (53 Mapple)
  7. Lubambe Offices (14th Street)
  8. 14th Street ( Northern, Central And South Locations)
  9. 15th Street Along Kabundi Towards New Park Mall
  10. Protea Street
  11. Swazi Street

Nchanga North from 13:00 to 17:00 hours

  1. Kamba Section near Phiri Market
  2. Kamba section h4 area opposite Lubambe Secondary School
  3. Pemba Road near Kingdom Hall
  4. Kasama Flats
  5. New 7 Area
  6. Mporokoso Road
  7. Mporokoso Plots
  8. Off Mporokoso Road behind the mosque
  9. Zambia Road
  10. Misoshi Road
  11. Lubunda/Lukwesa rd
  12. Near Camp House for Nchanga Rangers

Chiwempala and Mushishima will be on supply from 11:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs

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