Mulonga celebrates Toilet Day, assures good sanitation

 Mulonga celebrates Toilet Day, assures good sanitation

Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation Company says it is understands how critical it is for them to provide safe drinking water and good sanitation to its customers.

Speaking during the celebrations of World Toilet Day, at Kakoso Combined School in Kameza East Mulonga’s Acting Managing Director Ndila Hamalambo assured its customers of good sanitation services.

Mr Hamalambo also said that the company has set up short and long term goals to curb challenges of sanitation in densely populated areas in the districts they operate.

He said the water utility company is making a genuine effort to ensure that customer expectations are met.

“We are aware of challenges in service provision in some parts of Chililabombwe and have both short term and long term plans to ensure that we meet the increasing demand for our services, we are determined to actively play our role and we call upon other stakeholders to combine efforts by helping in reducing detrimental practices which hinder the smooth provision of water and sanitation services,” he said

Mr Hamalambo also said that the company has decided to migrate from the use of metallic pipes which are vulnerable to scrap metal dealers, in preference to HDPE.

He said that to their surprise unscrupulous individuals have started stealing the HDPE pipes and recycling them.

Mr Hamalambo has called on the Local Authority in Chililabobwe to help in the fight against vandalism of water pipes as this is a major setback because most of the money is spent on replacing stolen or vandalised pipes which slacks other projects.

Speaking at the same occasion, Chililabobwe Mayor Lucky Sichone said that Government has demonstrated its commitment in uplifting the lives of the vulnerable in communities by increasing budgetary allocation to the constituency development fund (CDF)

Mr Sichone said this in a speech read on his behalf by Kamenza ward Councillor Peter Zulu.

He said that Government hope is that the increased allocation will also help address issues of sanitation the people are facing.

“Water, sanitation and health are inseparable and it is inevitable that the providers of these services partner for mutual benefit, I am ready to lead Chililabombwe Municipal Council in strengthening its collaboration with Mulonga in an effort to improve Chililabombwe residents’ access to decent toilets,” he said.

And Kakoso Combined Headteacher Benedict Simutowe appealed to the water utility company to help in building more toilets for the pupils at the school.

Mr Simutowe also reminded the area councillor to remember the schools in the CDF allocation as user fees have been abolished in schools so that toilets are kept clean.