Mufumbwe residents’ action a wake-up call


Dear Editor,

The action of residents of Mufumbwe who blocked the road to Manyinga to conduct search on vehicles passing through the area is a wakeup call to government and indeed Police that things are not fine and that people are leaving in fear where quick redress is needed.

The action is of course barely because of lack of information to the residents in regard the identity of the chemical people gassing homes and people are using and the side effects.

Right now it is even unsafe to carry a back pack, rack sack or just a bag because people’s insecurity is high and can act at any alarm, which is very dangerous for the Country and safety of indeed innocent citizens.

We may laugh at the ignorance of the residents for their failure to identify first aid box that was in power tools as absurd but what option do we have to know which substance is used and how is package? None.

We are of course told the results of the chemical used in gassing are out but kept under the arm pit for the security reasons but then what information have been given to communities for their safety.

Interestingly though is that much as we as a nation are waiting to know the myths behind this gassing, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM is the answer the nation has been waiting for and hope our gallant men and women in uniform are celebrating for job made easy for them.

As a nation we expect GBM to have been picked for questioning by Police by now and are waiting to see how the information he gave on a live broadcast can be used to arrest the perpetrators and that, if it turns to be a hoax or malice, he should surely be caged for being an alarmist.

This issue of gassing is so sensitive that people like GBM who are even high ranking figures in the ruling PF should refrain from issuing remarks carelessly without proof.  We have been forewarned by the Inspector General from issuing remarks related to this issue after our own.

Wisdom Muyunda