Mufulira trucks shouldn’t pass through town Centre

 Mufulira trucks shouldn’t pass through town Centre

Dear Editor,

We have a problem of abnormal load truck passing through town

It seems we don’t have people to speak for us in Mufulira. Mufulira is a small town and now we have so many trucks carrying copper concentrate to Mopani passing through the town Centre.

Our lives are in danger and just recently one marketeer was bashed and killed instantly by a BHL truck.

Even the road is in bad state with too much dust and Mopani is not doing enough.

We need these trucks to be diverted like what they have done in Kitwe. They can divert them to a road which connects Chingola and Mufulira.

The area is called Kwazimba and trucks coming from Solwezi can use that and those coming from Kitwe and Ndola Frontier mine can use Mopani gate 1 so that no passes through town centre reducing the lifespan of roads in town.

Julius Mumba

The Independent Observer

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