Mr President, don’t dance to privatization rhythm-Reader

 Mr President, don’t dance to privatization rhythm-Reader

Dear Editor,

I write to appeal to President Edgar Lungu not to dance to the cheap politics being advanced by a lot of these political players over the issue of privatisation but use his well-researched information if ever the issue has to be resolved with the genuine purpose.

It is so sad that the arrest of HH should be brought out at a political gathering when if indeed he stole, we have investigative agencies in the nation vested with the responsibility to investigate the matter first and then arrest him when found wanting.

My problem is that, if HH is arrested fairly by any investigative wings for privatisation related issues, everyone will point fingers at the president even if he is arrested genuinely.

Does it now go to say we don’t trust our investigative agencies? And for the issue to be asked by a nominated Independent MP Raphael Nakachinda, whose party then (MMD) is actually embroiled in the same privatisation saga is totally unacceptable.

My only humble appeal is to President Lungu to know most of these trumpet blowers because they have the capacity to paint you to be fighting personal battles with HH and not genuine politics.

Already there are insinuations that PF want to arrest HH so that they have access to his body in order to harm him. Mr President with that statement at a political gathering, don’t you think it will surely qualify the stance of your opponent?

I look forward for our Zambian politics of civility and issue based and not of making sure the opponent’s name does not come closer to any ballot paper.

As a nation known to be a christian nation, we can practice civil politics without any problem only if we remove personality tag from politics and replace it with service tag, which politicians are voted for.

I believe someone misled the President to utter such a statement at a rally which will surely be very difficult to clean up from both ourselves and internationally.

Wisdom Muyunda


The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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