Mpika MP calls on Govt to pay TAZARA workers

 Mpika MP calls on Govt to pay TAZARA workers

Mpika Constituency Member of Parliament Francis Kapyanga says that the situation of TAZARA workers salary arrears is still current, pressing and unattended to.

Mr Kapyanga said that this month ticks the calendar to mark 5 months of unpaid salaries for these hard-working citizens.

“While this in itself is something that should not happen in a society that respects another person’s hard work, it has become a norm for TAZARA workers and my mind fails to be at ease at the thought of this ordeal, I’m appealing to the government of Zambia, a government that was built on the promise of meaningful economic growth and service to all to pay TAZARA workers their 5 months’ salary arrears – no economy grows on the foundation of unpaid salaries to an active labour force,” He said.

Mr Kapyanga said that One of the things that should be done going forward is to act on the resolutions made by the TAZARA council of Ministers on  October, 19th  2019 to finance the recapitalization of TAZARA by the two governments which includes the putting of TAZARA workers on the government payroll.

He said the resolution was acted upon promptly by the Tanzanian government and something we keep staring right into the eyes and do nothing about.

“My commitment to the workers of TAZARA is complete with regard to every detail, it is not superficial or partial and this is why for me, paying them today is not enough but knowing that they will be paid every month for all the years each one of them shall dedicate themselves to the industry.