Mpezeni should be King and not Chief-Buthelezi

 Mpezeni should be King and not Chief-Buthelezi

By Onishias Maamba in Chipata
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa has suggested to the Zambian government to consider changing the title of Paramount Chief, saying it has a colonial connotation.

Speaking during the 2019 N’cwala traditional ceremony held at Mutenguleni village over the weekend, the Prince charged that colonial masters came up with titles that were aimed at diluting the African culture.

The Prince holds that as such, it is wrong to continue addressing our traditional leaders with colonial titles.

He said that during his time as Chief Minister of KwaZulu natal, a law was passed banning the title of Paramount Chief.

The Prince has since noted that the hosting of the N’cwala traditional ceremony is a symbolic act of healing from the pain inflicted on Africans by colonial masters.

He has further underscored the importance of remembering the past, noting that it helps in shaping future conquerors and not victims.

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